Stacks on Stacks

Everyone says more is better, right? Well... not always. When it comes to fireplace mantles, it's sometimes easy to get carried away with the trim. For example, this mantle boasts layers of trim and moulding that goes on for days. 

PHEW. That's a doozy. Recently I've been inspired to share a few tips on fireplace mantles as well as a before/after of a project I worked on a few months ago. So here we go!

Consider the Scale 
Be aware of the size of your room and try to keep the dimensions of your fireplace proportionate. For example, if your room has high ceilings, a small fireplace can easily be swallowed by the amount of empty space above. Consider boosting the confidence of your fireplace with wood casing that soars as far as your ceiling. 

Less is More
Your fireplace can still be a showstopper even if the mantle is simple in design. Notice how this mantle outlines this mosaic surround like a picture frame. If you've found the perfect stone/glass tile surround, using a mantle sans the trim is a great way to go.

Don't be Afraid of Black
People are often hesitant to go bold or even black with their color choices. Don't get me wrong, I'm a huge fan of the neutrals. But you only live life once, so why not take a leap and see how black suits you?? Take a few coats of black paint to your standard white fireplace and watch it instantly transform in a dramatic way. 

Before + After
Here's a fireplace project that I worked on a few months ago. As you can see in the before picture, the mantle and the fireplace surround were sadly separated at birth. But have no fear, the two were joyfully reunited! I designed the fireplace to have the mantle set about one foot lower to allow room for a TV above and paired it with a tranquil glass mosaic. 

Thanks for reading and stay tuned for more!

- M.

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